December 2020

Wir don’t habemus diferencojn

No, this is not Esperanto, this is Babelish. Yet the following presentation is in Esperanto:  with subtitles available in English. Dankon al Gaucho Esperanto Association, for inviting me to give the presentation in the 2020 Online Conferences of the Brazilian Esperanto League. Since I am at the beginning of my fieldwork, this presentation, cosmopolitan-themed, asked …

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St. Andrews en Somero

Esperanto was a bridge, a connector of worlds, peoples and places. The transnational network that sprouted around this international language was diverse, proactive, and above everything else interested in not only learning about foreign issues, but also showing their little communities to the rest of humanity. On the pages of the many journals that were …

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Jerzy Loth

One of the most interesting characters in the field of Polish Esperantism is undoubtedly Jerzy Loth. He was tied to the Esperanto movement in various ways, both professionally and within his family. In the period before the First World War, his commitment to the trade section of the Warsaw Esperanto Club stands out in particular. …

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