Wir don’t habemus diferencojn

No, this is not Esperanto, this is Babelish.

Yet the following presentation is in Esperanto: 

with subtitles available in English.

Dankon al Gaucho Esperanto Association, for inviting me to give the presentation in the 2020 Online Conferences of the Brazilian Esperanto League.

Since I am at the beginning of my fieldwork, this presentation, cosmopolitan-themed, asked more questions than it answered… and counted with the wisdom of Esperanto pioneers, and of Esperanto poetry.

How does Esperanto engage with human universals, and with human difference?

How do Esperanto speakers accommodate national belonging with a cosmopolitan project? 

To what extent Esperanto speakers are ‘cosmopolitan patriots’?

In particular, why is Esperanto to Brazilians not only an important issue for humankind, but also a national issue?

Brazil as a republic is younger than Esperanto, and as local Esperantists lament, its language has no internationalness. But what if, through translation into Esperanto, Brazilian thought will shine worldwide?

Then working for Esperanto, one also serves their homeland.

A glimpse into the belief of an eternally young Esperanto poet, self-identified as ‘Brazilian according to law, Esperantist according to conviction’:

‘Our border is our skin

fleshly and earthly.’      

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